LIV • US Micro Living

LIV • US focuses on interesting university locations with low accommodation rates and lack of suitable and modern living space for students.LIV • US revitalizes in economically viable existing buildings – as a rule, the purchase properties have a high vacancy rate or have been poorly managed so far.

The existing properties are being renovated or converted into individual apartments during the revitalization. Depending on the object, existing tenants can also be integrated into the LIV • US concept.This creates a hybrid model between classic and modern housing.Depending on the location and building conditions, the offer is rounded off by snack and beverage machines, WLAN and shared laundry facilities. A 24/7-service hotline is available in all houses.

Renting to students is only provided with a guarantee from the parents or custodians. For international student we accept blocked accounts.

The leases have a fixed term. Should the tenant wish to move out of the contract prior to its expiration, he / she must provide a post-user. This ensures a stable rental structure and prevents excessive fluctuation.

The first LIV • US house in Berlin has been successfully placed on the market mid-2012. By 2016, the portfolio grew by more locations in Wuppertal, Magdeburg, Essen and Kiel. Further locations are planned.

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